About Us

Everyone at The Talbot is passionate about really good food & drink.  Some of us love art, some love music, some design but all of us share a love for great hospitality.  At The Talbot we are surrounded by some of the best food producers in the UK from the coastal fishermen based close by to the farmers surrounding Malton, producing some of the UK’s best food.  

We’re based in the foodie capital of the North.  With bakeries, distilleries, breweries, a master patissier, chocolatiers, coffee roasteries, ice cream makers, butchers, food festivals, music festivals, bars, restaurants and cafes and so much more.  Plus we have a famous cookery school across the road.  There is nowhere quite like it in the UK!

Georgie and Sam Pearman operate The Talbot with James, The Talbot’s General Manager and Robert, the head chef.  All of them share a passion for great food and hospitality.