We teach a large range of courses at Malton Cookery School but we wanted to specialise in what’s best and closest to Malton namely, Game, Seafood and Bakery.

With the North York Moors only a stone’s throw away there is a plentiful supply of some of the best wild food in the UK. The beautiful Yorkshire countryside produces many marvels to cook with from partridge to pigeon, venison to hare, mackerel to grouse & much, much more.

The Yorkshire coast is one of the busiest shellfish industries in the whole country. Every day large amounts of lobster and crab are caught and sent from the Yorkshire coast to the UK’s best restaurants in London & beyond. There’s also an excellent array of fish which are caught here and which we enjoy cooking with at the Malton Cookery School.

Yorkshire classics like Parkin and Yorkshire curd tart are always popular but the varied world of bakery enables us to look at French classics and traditional techniques from the world of patisserie and further. We hope you’ll learn to love baking in Malton too.

You’ll find us just off Market Street.  Follow the sign for Talbot Yard Food Court or head to the Talbot Malton first and we will show you over.

But Who Will Teach Us?

Gilly Robinson & Debbie Raw are based at the Malton Cookery School.  Gilly spent several fun filled years at the Cordon Bleu school which led to a life as a private chef in fabulous houses, and amazing locations around the world. Having a family meant traveling stopped & she had the chance to chef at the iconic Dusty Miller Restaurant.  This kept the love of gourmet food alive and taught Gilly another side of the industry.

Gilly worked with the TV chef, Rosemary Shrager, helping her to open a cookery school nearby.  Being Rosemary’s assistant, as well as teaching her own courses, filled a crazy 13 years and meant that the two of them remain firm friends.  Debbie is now very busy most days with courses, private classes, chefs’ tables as well as food festivals and food theatres. With Debbie Raw as assistant tutor, this team have now moved to a new location behind the Talbot Yard bringing the fun and flair that our many return students love to this new building and a new chapter to the Malton Cookery School.

Debbie’s passion took her away from the history and art based career she had in mind and led to three years of professional catering qualifications and a diploma.  Debbie then took part in BBC 2’s program “Further Back In Time For Dinner” with Wall to Wall productions. Returning to Yorkshire she worked with Stephanie Moon, met Gilly and the rest is history.




A lovely testimonial from a recent children’s party held at Malton Cookery School:

“The party was tailored perfectly to the children’s interests (lots of pugs and unicorns!). Gilly and Debbie were fantastic at giving instructions and helping the children whilst also making sure that everyone had lots of fun. In my opinion it was the perfect party venue!”