Whitby Gin Afternoon Tea

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Whitby Gin was born following a camping trip in the wilderness of the Outer Hebrides in June 2017.

Inspired by the islands many distilleries, Jess turned to Luke and wondered why her hometown of Whitby didn’t have one of its own. With Jess’ background in business planning and Luke’s experience within food manufacturing, they felt they had the skill set to produce their own local gin. By the time they had arrived back home in Yorkshire, they had created a business plan and ordered a small still.

Production has since moved out of the 40 sq ft utility room where they began and to an old carthouse on a local farm.

The event includes; Gin cocktail on arrival, Full afternoon tea and two gin and tonics to taste during your afternoon tea.

Please note that a £3 booking fee is payable in addition to the ticket cost.

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