Best of Yorkshire Meat – All about Venison

Date  29th November 2019
Start Time  10:00 am
End Time  2:00 am
Price  £99

Key Skills
  • Knife care & sharpening
  • Basic butchery
  • Preserving methods
  • Sauces & stocks

Our range of meat cookery and butchery courses offer something for everyone.
These classes demonstrates how best to select and cook using the finest Yorkshire meat and poultry available. As well as learning about different cuts of meat and which cooking method is most appropriate you will learn a number of recipes to produce the tastiest of meat-based meals.

We show you all the techniques you need to know, from the preparation to the presentation. The Best of Yorkshire Meat course will give you the confidence to use local produce and follow these delicious recipes.

This course focuses on venison.

Our best of Yorkshire Meat course is something to really get your teeth into!


Course Outline

10.00 Arrive at the Cookery school for tea, coffee and biscuits. Gilly will take you through the days program and issue you with your aprons and menu packs.
Dishes are prepared are eaten throughout the day with a glass of wine or two.
Your day concludes at 2pm – Remember to take your apron and menu packs with you so you can replicate the dishes at home!


Course includes: All ingredients, menu pack, apron and a glass of wine or two!

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