Dinner Party Masterclass- Get ahead tips for Christmas

Date  14th December 2019
Start Time  10:00 am
End Time  4:00 pm
Price  £150

Key Skills
  • Timing and presentation
  • Organisation

Does the thought of hosting and cooking a dinner party bring you out in a cold sweat? Are the in-laws coming to stay! Our dinner party masterclass will teach you the skills to effortlessly prepare a superb four course dinner of restaurant standard. This course will allow you to confidently prepare a festive dinner in time for you to relax with your guests.

Its all about preparation, presentation and timing! A four course meal cooked step by step and presented on time.

Join Gilly Robinson, Head Tutor for a packed day at the Malton Cookery School. With a mix of basic and more complex techniques there is something for everyone on this entertaining course.

Dishes are prepared are eaten throughout the day with a glass of wine or two.

Course includes: All ingredients, menu pack, apron and a glass of wine or two.

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