Thursday Supper Club – Homegrown Harvest

Date  27th June 2019
Start Time  6:30 pm
End Time  9:00 pm
Price  £50.00

Key Skills
  • Fast, Easy cooking
  • Cooking with new ingredients
  • Knife skills
  • Time Management

A brand new special course at the cookery school, our Thursday Supper club is a more relaxed way to enjoy cooking.

Course Outline

The supper club is there for those who want to have a relaxed evening doing something new, or for those who want to learn how to cook great food, with a difference, at home. Set in a relaxing environment, pop over after work, cook with some amazing local ingredients and make great tasting dishes that you can recreate with friends.

Learn how to cook a quick 3 course dinner party menu, with tips on getting ahead and preparation, so that you can easily recreate the evening at home for friends, Stress free with time to relax with your guests.

This course focuses on making the most of your homegrown fruit and veg and anyone wondering what to do with a bumper harvest!


Each class is £50 per person, included is your menu pack, apron, and your food

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