Yorkshire Seafood Day – Shellfish

Date  25th July 2019
Start Time  10:00 am
End Time  2:00 pm
Price  £99.00

Key Skills
  • Preparation of shell fish
  • Filleting of both flat and round fish
  • How to dress a crab (maybe even a lobster)

There is nothing more exciting than fresh fish and Yorkshire is blessed with its fair share! Just 25 miles to the coast Malton enjoys deliveries of some of the finest crab, razor clams and Lobster in Britain.

Our Shellfish course will allow you to confidently prepare and cook the most delicious of crustaceans. Our Yorkshire Seafood Cookery courses are one of our most popular and have seasonal menus enabling you to enjoy them time and time again.

If you enjoyed the Shellfish day, do try our Flat and Round fish day or the popular Seafood Masterclass!

Course Outline

10.00 Arrive at the Cookery school for tea, coffee and biscuits. Gilly will take you through the days program and issue you with your aprons and menu packs.
Dishes are prepared are eaten throughout the day with a glass of wine or two.
Your day concludes at 2pm – Remember to take your apron and menu packs with you so you can replicate the dishes at home!


Course includes: All ingredients, menu pack, apron and a glass of wine or two.

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